Born as K R Rajagopal on the 20th of March 1947 hailing from Coimbatore from a very simple family that couldn’t make the both ends meet financially at the end of the day. Struggling parents supported him to become a graduate in Botany. He then completed Bachelor of Education and qualified to become a teacher. During the college days, he found his writing skills accidentally and later found that it was exciting and then it became his passion and he continued to explore in that domain.

He has written more than 1000 Tamil Novels and 500 plus Short stories. Apart from print media, his stories have been adapted in many media formats such as Movies, Tele Serials and All India Radio Dramas.

Initially, he had started writing short stories during his leisure time in the name of RAJESHKUMAR. But his financial struggle did not allow him to continue his passion to the next level. So,his first profession was that of a Teacher in a private school and he worked there for few years. Then, due to his family circumstances, he was forced to pursue a short stint in his family business along with his father. Later he joined a Textile related business company as a Sales executive as his family business collapsed due to unprofessional acts by purchasers. However these experiences gave him vital insights about life, which he later built them with imagination to showcase the nuances of human emotions and behavior in his works.

Toggling between work and personal life, he managed to continuously send his works to all the leading Tamil magazines such as weekly, fortnightly or Monthly publications to start his contribution in the literary world. After long battle his first short story “ Vadagaikku Oru Uyir” was published in the year 1967 in a leading Tamil daily and his first novel “ Ezhavathu Test Tube” got published in the year 1968 as a serial thriller in the Magazine Kalkandu.

From here, he started to find his own style of writing in all formats like short story or serial or full novel. As the readers loved his writing skills and also impressed by his story telling style, soon he was recognised by all leading magazines in Tamilnadu. When he entered in to the field, there were many great stalwarts in that arena established themselves and known to the readers for so many years. Hence, to become successful, he decided to stick to more of fiction, detective, thriller stories where no one has attempted to it., which became a trend in the industry.

Even though he has written many titles in all genres like Social, Spiritual and Non-fiction, he was able to etch his significant presence in Detective, Crime and Science Fiction genre over these 5 decades. Now that genre has become his identity, as the readers and the publishers popularly call him as “King of Crime Novel”. Many of his novels feature Imaginative characters like Intelligent CBCID official Vivek and his wife Roobala and his associate Vishnu.

At the peak of his time, his work was published in all the leading magazines available in that period . All his work was curated with the facts of the industry and supported by authentic research made by him in the relevant fields, before he starts to write any novels. He has also developed a story model where two or three unrelated stories merge before the end of the story.

His writing skills are exemplary in technical details but with a simple and easy style of language, so that even a layman can read it. That is the success behind his writing and it reached even the lowest strata of society.

Even the hardest and complex issue in this earth will take a simple form in his writing. His work never had vulgarity and words that demean any woman. Mainly in his all stories, justice prevails and good will be honored at the end.

Presently, he is writing novels in online magazines apart from printed ones and also educates the students through Science articles and Q&A format about scientific trivias and Animal Kingdom.

Even though he has written to all the leading tamil magazines and dailies, Major publishers are Kumudam, Ananda Vikatan, Westland Amazon, Geeye Publications and Poompuhar. Recently, English Dailies like The Hindu, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle and all leading Tamil Magazines like Kumudam and Ananda Vikatan celebrated his Golden Jubilee in Literature World along with Sun TV and DD Pothigai.